"Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for".



In February of 2018, after a year of being miserable and watching both my physical and mental health deteriorate, I quit my job.  What had previously been a lovely community job with a small group of long serving coworkers  was transformed by another group who stripped out the community part of our ideology and quickly turned it into a business minded money making machine with a hierarchy of us versus them.  I was the fifth of seven of our previous work family to quit, lasting nine months with the new company.

Then I quit.  Which isn't an easy thing.  Especially when you have two teenage daughters and no new job offer.  It took courage that day to turn in my resignation and due to the nature of my job, there was no two week notice.  Ten years of my life and my previous community done in an instant.

The truth was I found many benefits to quitting, most importantly getting to live the life I have always wanted.  For years, almost ten years, I had filled my dreams with the life I truly wanted to live and lived with a horrible sense of disconnect.

Now is the time to make those connections real. To start living that life that I held out of reach. A life of simple, slow living. A life where nature and spirit are connected in everything I do. And a place where I can write and share those experiences.



So if you have ever thought about quitting the rat race. If you have ever thought of slowing down, downsizing, and finding that place of stillness and spirit, I invite you to join the conversation here.
I cannot say that the way will be easy or not prone to failure and I am sure to share failure as well as success.  For all of us truly want to feel we are understood in both.

But if the heart and the intent are true, then my goodness, miracles can happen can't they?

I believe with a little stillness, a little community and a little faith, this next chapter of life could become something truly incredible.

Will you please join me?

I love to hear from you!  If you have a question or comment, please reach out to me at jenniferclaytonbradley@gmail.com.

I try to respond within 48 hours.