May News From Daisy Lane Farm


Hello friend!  Well, we have just moved right on into summer it seems.  The humidity this Spring has been absolutely unbearable! I’ve been doing a lot of work outside getting ready for this year’s growing season.  There have been beds to prepare and flowers and vegetables to start and checking the fences because I am happy to say that my girls, Mamma, Penelope, and Peony are out of the barn and back into the field!  Those wooly girls were so happy to find such nice green grass and tasty dandelions to eat.

I have to tell you I am exhausted!  Last year Edward and I were doing this together and believe me that it is no understatement that I miss his being here right now. But if it means that we can improve this farm when he returns from France with all the things he has learned then I will suffer the cost.

One thing I regret is spending so much time trying to clear out the wild rose hedge because after spending a month working on it and suffering the barbs and scratches and the wicked case of poison ivy I picked up, all my pruning seemed to do was have it come back with a serious vengeance!  I suppose I should ask Mr. Duncan next door if he has a plan of attack.

Next month begins farmer’s market and the whole family had a meeting to create the farmer’s market master plan.  We already have Bartholomew’s best friend Quill working on my signs and I cannot wait to see what he has come up with.  Quill’s mother Hazel has been working the farmer’s market for years and was so much help with familiarizing me with how the whole process works.

Bartholomew came up with a system of organizing my products and he and Ben have been working hard on creating my shelves and bins.  It’s not full on veg season yet, but I will be showcasing our honeys and jams alongside my herbs and catnip collection. I don’t have a high expectation for June, but it will get my feet wet and hopefully bring a little money in and make some connections.  I definitely need to get that coop extension finished and get some new hens in so that we have extra eggs to sell, this growing family is going through what the First Ladies have been providing on a weekly basis.

It’s hard this farm life.  I knew it going in and we will certainly not grow rich from it. I didn’t quite expect Edward to be away so long and with all the chores to be done, I don’t think the children are feeling the love of the simple life.  We are still pulling from the stash of start-up money each month and that balance is dwindling rapidly, but we are just beginning and really last year was getting settled and making preparations. It’s beautiful here and the plan, if slowly, is coming to fruition.  

Let’s hope I have successes to report next month.  Certainly, there is never a dull moment at Daisy Lane Farm!

Remember my friend to never give in to despair.  There is a burst of sunshine behind every gray cloud and it’s only after the darkness we can appreciate the light! I won’t give up on this dream of mine. Hold your own dreams close and let their wishes whisper away any doubts that you are alone!

Until next month, much love,


April News From Daisy Lane Farm



Hello friend,

It finally seems as if Spring is here! Hello to color in the world again! The tulips (65 new ones!) we planted late last fall are blooming a dazzling display of jelly bean colors: red, pink, purple, yellow. I had feared that the magnolia like last year would freeze in one of the late Winter ice storms, but it has made it and yesterday the blooms started. What a wonderful thing after a long very cold winter!

We had sixty degrees here this past week and Benjamin, of course, thought it was time to go swimming in the creek, I thought he would be in for a shock with the water still being so cold, but he stayed out there for a good hour and only came in when the goosebumps started growing on top of goosebumps! I probably should have pulled him out, but that boy is so much happier when he is outside and Sarah Jane and I were in the middle of making playdough snacks for her animal friends and I didn’t want to leave her to eat the playdough while I was off chasing Ben out of the creek. I know the playdough won’t hurt her, but I could only imagine how many of those little snacks for her stuffed friends she could eat by the time I got to the creek and back.

I shouldn’t complain about Sarah Jane, she is such a dear and has hardly been any trouble while I have been clearing out all that dead overgrowth that I missed pulling last year. I’ve left the grasses for the birds to use for their nests because it is, of course, the season for new life! Bartholomew and Quill have been studying my old lilac bush and found a nest made of Sarah Jane’s hair we scattered last year. Sarah Jane wasn’t as thrilled as I was, but she is only a wee little bitty thing of three. I don’t think she quite understood that it was her hair in the nest, but what a delightful surprise for me!

Bartholomew wants to try grafting the purple and white lilacs into a new bush. He thinks he can do it, but I read that it’s very difficult to do. Not for the home gardener! That’s me! But Bartholomew just might make it work. He is a magician with plants. We will see. Quill sketched out the nest in the lilac for me while Bartholomew was choosing cuttings. I have it taped by my bed now. The talent those two boys have!

Quill is here now, having spent the night again along with Ben’s friend Finn. Really, and I thought Bartholomew had the quirkiest of names. It turns out perhaps Bartholomew isn’t so odd at all! Anyway, I made pancakes for everyone this morning just the way they like them, with berries and nuts and chocolate pieces. Pancakes are our go-to sleepover food. With six children here this morning, pancakes that cook up in great big batches are a winner!

Madison will eat a few, but Sarah Jane can rival the boys who are growing faster than ever and eating more than I can possibly keep on the table. But I shall not complain because I love having these boys here. They’ve both become a part of our great big happy family.

Though to tell you honestly I’m not sure Madison approves. I think the multiplication of boys in the house has put her in a mood, though it’s hard to tell anymore. Twelve-year-old girls seem to have as many moods as there are shades of green outside. And it’s raining this morning, so it looks like they will be inside most of the day. Madison will probably stay in her room sulking and complaining to her friend Meghan on the phone.

She hasn’t forgiven Ben for the incident last week with the hedge. The children were all going out to the bus and Ben and Bartholomew were fooling around and Ben accidentally knocked Madison into the thorny hedge at the edge of the lane. She of course “went ballistic” as Ben tells it and started thrashing about, ending up with her hair twisted up in the vines and her dress ripped in about six places. She was a mess for sure when she stormed back into the house while I was busy getting Sarah Jane her breakfast and really I must admit I had to hide a small laugh at the site of her hotter than a hornet with her hair all sticking out and her face redder than a beet! I tried to take a minute to compose myself before asking what happened which resulted in a “Mother!” from Madison.

I really, really can’t tell you how much I despise that she has taken to calling me that. I got her upstairs and changed and of course, that meant I ended up driving her to school because by that time she had missed the bus. She insisted she must stay home while I was busy combing out the brambles, and there was a lot of stamping her feet and eye-rolling, but in the end, I won and she huffed into the building with a sour look on her face. I probably would have let her stay home if she hadn’t been so nasty about the whole business and goodness knows there was too much (as always) to do without a surly pre-teen about in the house.

Sooo much to do. Though Ben took care of the pig this morning, I still have my work cut out for me this morning with Mr. Barker coming over to trim the sheep’s hooves and a day cleaning up after the ladies in the coop and a day of rain in the forecast. Such is life on this little farm. At least with each of the boys occupied and Madison locked in her room, maybe later this afternoon I can pop in a movie for Sarah Jane and catch up on my book for a few minutes. There is nothing like a hot cup of tea and a good book on a rainy day!

That’s all for now! I hope you are doing well and your blessings are abundant. Remember that Spring is full of Hope and Hope is the thing with feathers as Emily Dickinson says. May the season of Hope fill you with Happiness!

Until next month,