Character Introductions: Mrs. Audrey Pennamore

Audrey Color

Mrs. Audrey Pennamore fulfilled her dream of owning a farm a year ago when she, her husband Edward and their four children drove down an old country road lined with daisies and found the homestead they had been saving for.   Mrs. Pennamore was glad to add veg grower, chicken gatherer, and shepherdess to her role as a mother.  She favors vintage dresses and aprons and wears her green muck boots almost exclusively. She is an excellent baker and pays all her favors with handmade cakes.  She collects vintage handkerchiefs and always has the kettle on.  She wants her children to grow up with the very best memories of family and a taste of the way life used to be. Her goal is to make their life at the farm a reminder of days gone by.  When you walk into the old white house at Daisy Lane farm, you feel you have come home and that is what Audrey Pennamore does best.

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