Daisy Lane Farm: An Introduction


I am beyond excited to share the world of Daisy Lane Farm with the world! On the 15th, I will release my first Daisy Lane Farm letter!  This little world has expanded so much in the last month and what began as a little nugget of an idea for a  series of letters to brighten people’s days has turned into a full-blown book (or two, or three, we’ll see).

I hope you come to love Daisy Lane Farm and it’s family The Pennamores as much as I have.  They are a delightful cast of characters who have somehow taken over my heart and my life!   Each month Mrs. Pennamore will write her pen pal a monthly letter about what is going on with farm and family.   I would love to have you on the journey!

There are a few ways you can follow along:

You can see the letter here on the 10th of each month.

You can subscribe and receive the letter in your email.

You can join the Friends of Daisy Lane Farm Facebook group.

You can follow Mrs. Pennamore on Twitter

Head over to the Daisy Lane Farm tab to find a synopsis of the story.  In the next month, I will be releasing character biographies so you can get to know the family and farm a bit better.  Look for the first letter on the 15th of this month, followed by the 10th of each month over the course of the next year! And applause for my great illustrator Amanda, for this wonderful banner!




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