June News From Daisy Lane Farm

Audrey Color

Hello, my friend!

Here we are at the edge of July at Daisy Lane Farm and things are in full swing.  The first veg is on its way and my flowers are bursting with joy! Farmer’s market has been a dream.  With all the work that we have here I don’t get into town much besides a weekly grocery run and some errands here and there, so spending the day at the market with all those fantastic vendors and visitors is a joy, to say the least.

My flavored honey has been a hit as well as my hand-picked flower arrangements.  A surprise there really, but it’s the one thing I have that I don’t see in the other stalls.  We eat most of the eggs and fruit that we grow on the farm and we don’t have the early vegetable crops that some of the others have without the aid of a greenhouse.  Something to think about in the future I guess.

A visitor from Millersburg asked me how I dye my yarns so I am thinking about growing more dye crops and perhaps I could teach a few natural dye classes?  More to think on. Right now my head is moving in a hundred directions. When we first moved my thought was a fruit and vegetable stand, but now I see that the demand might come from another direction.

So much to think about and oh how I wish my Edward was here.  I get asked at least five times on market day about him and I really don’t know what to say.  It’s been quiet from France and I didn’t get my call from him last week as usual. He told me he would be there three more weeks finishing up a project he was involved in.  I really wanted Edward to go and explore and take this time for himself, but now what I really feel is a bit of resentment that I am saddled here with this land and this flock of ours to manage on my own.  Does that sound bitter? I hope not and I feel I could only admit this to you.

It’s been an unusually trying month for us.  This early heat wave has been dreadful. My ewes have been staying in the shade of the barn mostly and we’ve been working on keeping up with water supplies to them and the ladies and all my plants.  We’ve taken to watering three times a day and I’ve been talking to Mr. Duncan next door about improved irrigation hoses in my beds.

We’ve added a second air conditioning unit in the upstairs but Madison and Bartholomew haven’t taken well to the idea of having to keep their doors open at all times.  Madison takes every opportunity to remind me she needs her privacy, and Bart well, he is intent on his studies here even in the midst of summer.

The kids are miserable. Ben has been at Finn’s a good part of the time, the heat effects that poor boy more than anyone else and Madison has insisted on spending most of her summer at her friend Megan’s house where they have a pool to lounge by.

It’s nice to have the children occupied while I try to keep up with the work that needs to be done but at the same time, I had so many hopes for this summer and the things we would all do together.  And while young hands aren’t always the most agreeable, it is nice to have extra sets of hands to help me out when I don’t have enough of my own.

Ah, I am sorry to complain.  It is not all as dour as I make it sound and we will get through.  The good news is we actually broke even this month even with the purchase of the additional air conditioner, so there are some very big blessings to celebrate indeed!

Well, I must go and take the children to the library today.  They haven’t even begun to start their summer reading. Well, Bartholomew is always reading, but it’s time we get them loaded up for the next month or two.  Even if we can’t leave our little patch of land in Woodville, at least we can all escape into a book or two.

Hope all is well where you are and you are escaping the heat!  

My love and regards,

Audrey Pennamore



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