May News From Daisy Lane Farm


Hello friend!  Well, we have just moved right on into summer it seems.  The humidity this Spring has been absolutely unbearable! I’ve been doing a lot of work outside getting ready for this year’s growing season.  There have been beds to prepare and flowers and vegetables to start and checking the fences because I am happy to say that my girls, Mamma, Penelope, and Peony are out of the barn and back into the field!  Those wooly girls were so happy to find such nice green grass and tasty dandelions to eat.

I have to tell you I am exhausted!  Last year Edward and I were doing this together and believe me that it is no understatement that I miss his being here right now. But if it means that we can improve this farm when he returns from France with all the things he has learned then I will suffer the cost.

One thing I regret is spending so much time trying to clear out the wild rose hedge because after spending a month working on it and suffering the barbs and scratches and the wicked case of poison ivy I picked up, all my pruning seemed to do was have it come back with a serious vengeance!  I suppose I should ask Mr. Duncan next door if he has a plan of attack.

Next month begins farmer’s market and the whole family had a meeting to create the farmer’s market master plan.  We already have Bartholomew’s best friend Quill working on my signs and I cannot wait to see what he has come up with.  Quill’s mother Hazel has been working the farmer’s market for years and was so much help with familiarizing me with how the whole process works.

Bartholomew came up with a system of organizing my products and he and Ben have been working hard on creating my shelves and bins.  It’s not full on veg season yet, but I will be showcasing our honeys and jams alongside my herbs and catnip collection. I don’t have a high expectation for June, but it will get my feet wet and hopefully bring a little money in and make some connections.  I definitely need to get that coop extension finished and get some new hens in so that we have extra eggs to sell, this growing family is going through what the First Ladies have been providing on a weekly basis.

It’s hard this farm life.  I knew it going in and we will certainly not grow rich from it. I didn’t quite expect Edward to be away so long and with all the chores to be done, I don’t think the children are feeling the love of the simple life.  We are still pulling from the stash of start-up money each month and that balance is dwindling rapidly, but we are just beginning and really last year was getting settled and making preparations. It’s beautiful here and the plan, if slowly, is coming to fruition.  

Let’s hope I have successes to report next month.  Certainly, there is never a dull moment at Daisy Lane Farm!

Remember my friend to never give in to despair.  There is a burst of sunshine behind every gray cloud and it’s only after the darkness we can appreciate the light! I won’t give up on this dream of mine. Hold your own dreams close and let their wishes whisper away any doubts that you are alone!

Until next month, much love,


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