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This morning’s routine was interrupted by lambs and chicks. If you don’t follow Wing and A Prayer Farm on Instagram, please do. I impatiently wait for Tammy’s new video stories each morning, especially now during lambing season.   Next came hawks taking turns sitting on their eggs on the Cornell Bird Cams.  Then finally right here, the sparrows were checking out the birdhouse in the maple tree.

It’s Spring and with Spring comes new life and with new life comes hope.  It’s easy to get cynical, to become downhearted with all that is going wrong with the world, but there is one place you can look to see things going right as planned.  The animal kingdom.

The birds and the sheep, they are not distracted by worldly things; they only know what is in their nature to do and that is bring about and raise their young,  It is their only focus and they do it so naturally.  Rarely, do you see the ewe stressing over her lambs.  She’s not trying to do it all.  She’s simply present and doing what she was created to do.

I will forever be in awe of the miracle of birth.  Even if you didn’t have faith, I don’t know how you can see birth and not believe in the mystery of the Creator.  From the most microscopic of beginnings, new life is created and there is no other hand that is needed.  Without any conscious effort cells divide and a new life is created.  A heartbeat starts to flutter and growth begins.  All the mother must do is keep safe the life within her, all else will go according to plan, even birth is something we cannot easily change or stop.  The body knows when the time has come.

I know there are times when things go wrong.  It is not a perfect world we live in, but so many times it goes right.  Too many times and in such ways that I know it cannot be random.  Our hearts beat, our eyes see, our ears hear, our soul longs for the connection of the one who created us.

Spring brings hope in new life.  It reminds us there is a plan and an order to this world.  It speaks to us of how the original plan would work if we humans weren’t always stepping in and messing it up.

It reminds us that even in the midst of everything else, miracles happen every day.

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