mrs. pennamore

Mrs. Pennamore is raising her four children: Bartholomew Wexler (16), Madison Rose (12), Nicholas Benjamin (10) and Sarah Jane (3) along with a mix of honeybees, sheep, and chickens on her 2-acre farmette in the small town of Woodville.

Mrs. Pennamore is a vintage soul with a love of all things country, raising her broods and trying her hardest to stay out of town where she often runs into her nemesis, picture perfect Kellie Harper, and her twin girls Bryleigh and Brook'lyn.

She much prefers the company of her two best friends, her old ewe Mamma who listens to all her secrets, and Mr. Duncan the 78-year-old farmer who lives down the lane and quite often helps her out in emergencies.

She's still unsure of her other neighbors,  Hazel and Noah Reed, a granola munching, hipster family with their own four children, Ivy, Scout, Poppy, and Quill.  You will often find Quill hiding out at the homestead with Bartholomew trading his own bizarre family for the crazy chaos of the Pennamore household.

Will we ever find out where Mr. Pennamore is?  Edward Pennamore left six months ago to study permaculture in Europe for three weeks and has not returned.  If you ask Mrs. Pennamore when he is coming back she will give you a vague answer.  With a life like hers, she has no time to try to explain.


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Mrs. Pennamore and her cast of characters were born during a time of much change in my life.  She is an amalgam of who I am and who I wish I was.  Some of her stories come from my own experiences, some are stories loved ones have told me and sometimes she just gets up to things in my mind that I could never imagine!

Mrs. Pennamore writes a monthly letter to her pen pal that can be viewed here on my blog on the twelfth of each month.  You can access it here, through my Facebook author page and on the Friends of Daisy Lane Farm Facebook Group .