sensing the moment: nottingham park


{McPherson Pond}

W eekday mornings I like to go to the park and sit next to the pond to clear my head and gather my thoughts.  This park is the one I often go to when I feel troubled or overwhelmed.  I spent days and days here in the leadup to my divorce. During the week, it is quiet and tucked in by the pond I am away from the dog and fitness trail walkers.  I tried this little experiment as a meditation and an experiment on stillness.

I took a period from 7:56-9:32 am and sat in the moment.  I documented what I may have missed had I been busy.

hearing:  a chorus of bird calls from every direction, chickadees calling back and forth in the pine, the clip-clop of a nearby Amish buggy, a chainsaw in the distance, an occasional far away dog barking, a Canadian goose, splashing down into the pond, a frog jump, the Amish schoolhouse bell ringing nine a.m.

smelling:  a fresh spring breeze, woodsmoke, the smell of flowers drifting from somewhere nearby

seeing: chickadee courtship, the red flash of a redwing blackbird, a small ant crawling across my notebook, a sparrow confrontation, a lone goose gliding on the pond, the first small butterflies, a hawk soaring overhead, the sunshine casting reflections, and ripples floating across the pond

feeling:  the sunshine warming my back, wet dew on my toes, the peace of sitting at rest, community with the natural world

Morning meditation seems far better when you spend it with mother nature.  I look forward to more sensing the moment in other situations, taking the time to write down what is truly going on in and around me.


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