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I wouldn’t say I don’t do mornings.  I do mornings.  I just prefer to take my mornings slowly.  I like to lie in bed awhile and greet the morning.  Not a long time, but maybe twenty minutes or so.  Notice the softness of the sheets, the sun breaking over the field, the cat lying on my legs.  I don’t want to rush to get dressed and run through the cold to the car and then be accosted by bright fluorescent lights and the complaints of my co-workers first thing in the morning.

I like to come downstairs and put the kettle on.  Feed the birds.  Feed the cats.  Enjoy a morning walk before the rest of the world wakes up.  Have a hot cup of tea and watch an old television show, peruse my social networks.   Then I am ready to start the day.

Up at dawn, the dewy freshness of the hour, the morning rapture of the birds, the daily miracle of sunrise, set her heart in tune, and gave her Nature’s most healing balm.
~Louisa May Alcott

I am a much happier person when I  have my slow mornings.  Simple acts to welcome the new day such as putting the kettle on or stepping outside into the morning sunlight can make a remarkable difference to our approach to the day.  In the month before I quit my job, when I was at my most stressed and unhappy I carved out 20 minutes to read my book before I got dressed.  There was something about sitting in my robe with a cup of tea and my book that let me put aside the worries that bombarded me upon waking just a little bit longer.

Slow living is one of my goals during this next stage of my life.  I am frankly just exhausted from running around for the past twenty years.  Years that included being a married mother of two little girls and a single mother of two growing girls.  I wish that I had listened to my body sooner all those times it was screaming for me to just rest awhile.  Mornings for me are the best time to give myself this gift.  Even if it is just for fifteen minutes.

Do you take time for some stillness in the mornings?  What is that one small thing that you give to yourself? And if you don’t what will you do to give a gift to yourself?

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14 thoughts on “slow mornings

  1. Hi! This is my first time here! Lovely space!!
    I’m in a season of “mama”ing a toddler so my mornings are slowish but also hectic at times. My hubs gets up earlier than me, because he heads off to a workplace to work…so if the little one is up before he leaves he gets her out of bed for me so I can catch a few more zzz’s but who am I kidding I am usually up early. I let my little stay in her jammies for as long as possible most mornings and she eats breakfast while I sip my hot black coffee and do my devotions and Bible reading in my corner of the couch.
    I guess consistently I give myself that coffee time…even if some days my person is more needy than others and has to be in my lap during my coffee time…but really I wouldn’t trade in this season for anything else, I know it will be over so quickly and I want to savor my mornings where my coffee gets cold before I get to drink it all!!

  2. I’m a married mother of four, two new teens and two small ones. My mornings have been chaotic for years, but recently I started getting up early just to enjoy some quiet reading and coffee before the kids get up. I’m really enjoying it now that they actually sleep later than me.

  3. Drinking coffee is a sacred moment for me, I sit at my desk in front of the window and just slowly feel the coffee kicking in while thinking about my day and life and just overall reflecting! And just reading your post this morning made me feel relaxed! lucky you ^.^

  4. I love this post. I adore slow mornings, too! Especially if they’re on my own terms — not chained to unhappy obligations and those fluorescent lights you mentioned. For me, I get up 30 minutes to an hour before everyone else in my house so I can chill and plan my day. It’s bliss!

  5. My morning luxury these days is coffee with cream, savoured slowly from my sofa whilst watching the birds on our bird table, and sometimes Cyril and Sybil our visiting squirrels 🙂

  6. I have a standing appointment with the Lord, poring over my daily Bible readings and praying. I often say to my hubby that it’s the best part of my day and 9 times out of 10 it is! Thanks for challenging us to make the start of our day a good and deliberate one, Jennifer. Nice to meet you and saw your link at Deb’s group thread on FB.

  7. I totally hear you on 20 years of running around! I’m DONE! Well, not really. But I do have time to sit, chill, have devotions and do yoga. It’s so important!

  8. I like to spend about 15 minutes writing in the mornings while I enjoy my breakfast. It helps me clear my mind and get focused for the rest of the day.

  9. Yes! I love to take my time getting out of bed and taking the day on. I really prefer to just turn my morning into afternoon while lounging around!

  10. My morning typically starts with prayer. Afterwards. I generally find some type of online training to take that is related to art or blogging. I feel you are never too old to learn something new and I want to be sure to keep my mind fresh. Your mornings sound so relaxing. Thanks for sharing.

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